We want to make sure you have a great stay. Have a question? If it is not answered below, reach out and we will get back to you.


• Quiet hours are from 10:00PM to 7:00AM.
• The speed limit within the park is 5 miles per hour at all times.
• All guests and vehicles must be officially registered with Wick RV Parks.
• All RVs onsite must be clean and in good working condition.
• There is a zero tolerance policy for harassment of or otherwise disruptive behavior towards staff and other guests.
• Pro-rated first month's rent and all deposits are due prior to hook-up.
• Any vehicles parked in vacant sites will be towed.
• As there are designated parking areas, parking in the grass is not permitted.
• Subleasing of any kind is forbidden.
• The surrounding area of each site should be kept clean at all times.
• Tents and pop-up trailers are not allowed.
• Boats and flatbed trailers are not permitted without prior approval.
• Any and all trash or waste should be properly disposed of in the respective receptacle.
• Dumpsters should be kept closed at all times.
• Any outdoor objects should not interfere with maintenance.
• Additional appliances outside the RV are not allowed.
• Open flames are not allowed.
• Digging or installing satellites of any kind requires prior approval from Wick RV Parks.
• Tampering with electrical boxes is forbidden. Hazardous materials and chemicals are banned.
• Any sort of onsite auto or trailer repair is not allowed.
• Holiday decorations must be removed in a timely manner.
• Wick RV Parks requires a certified collar for all sewer and gray water connections.
• Guests are encouraged to provide their own GFCI protection and water pressure regulators.
• The site must be inspected prior to deposit release.
• Refunds will not be issued for early departures or interrupted utilities.
• A 24 hour grace period will be given to correct any violations; a $25 fine will be incurred per day beyond the grace period.


• Wick RV Parks reserves the right to allow pets on a case by case basis.
• Guest pet approval can be terminated at any time.
• While in the park, all pets must be either on a leash or carried by their owner at all times.
• Pet owners are expected to clean up after their pet at all times and to properly dispose of waste.
• Pets should not be left outdoors unattended.
• A maximum of two pets will be allowed per space.
• Pets must be indoors and 30 lbs. or less.
• Aggressive dog breeds are not allowed.
• A nonrefundable pet deposit is required for all monthly guests with pets.
• Barking or disruptive behavior is not allowed and will be strictly enforced. 
• Pet owners are responsible for any damage or physical harm to or caused by their pet.


Wick RV Park reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. Wick RV park is not responsible for injuries of any kind occurring on the property, for accepting any letters or packages on behalf of guests, nor for any damages due to power surges or fluctuations. Reservation holders assume all risk of loss or damage and are responsible for carrying their own insurance and are solely responsible for all actions of their guests, children under the age of 18, and pets. Additionally, parents are financially responsible for any damages to Wick RV Park or injuries of other residents resulting from their child's behavior. Any damages to the property will be billed directly to the reservation holder.